My most recent work is made in dedication to the things I want to believe in. I want to believe that the modern pop culture I'm obsessed with  isn’t completely harmful, I want to believe that Kanye is a genius and I want to believe that Kim Kardashian’s ass is real.

Light is a major tool I use to creation spaces that call to the viewer, and make them believe they can be a star. Basically I light spaces to bring to life the Miami that only lives in my imagination.

In response to the inspiration of the Electric Carnival I will create a post modern, pop culture freak show, answering my own question, what would an Electric Carnival freak show look like?

I’ll be creating a peep show atmosphere in a store front by transforming people with a full faces of Kim Kardashian style makeup. Those brave enough to participate will come in as themselves and leave as a reality tv star.  Reality tv is after all a modern day version of a freak show.

Large fabric curtains with Kardashian’s image will hang in front of the door, acting as banners and advertisements for the nights proceedings.

Pink lights, and flashing LEDs will flood the space creating surreal world of vivid colors. My recent video work will also project in the space with almost manic quick cuts and psychedelic imagery of my  obsession with and transformation into the most famous woman in the world.